our programs

Corridor Community Options provides a variety of supported employment opportunities, skills development, job coaching, recreational services, and specialized day programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Supported employment opportunities are offered through the operation of three social enterprises.

We provide very dynamic programs for individuals with high and complex support needs.

Social enterprises

We currently support three social enterprises:

These social enterprises provide training environments for participants that contribute towards interpersonal development, customer service, and teamwork skills.

Employment Services

Our Job Coach assists individuals to find meaningful work in the community.

The individual, while employed in one of our very active social enterprises will receive guidance, education and support from our instructors and job coach. They will learn transferable work and communication skills that will assist them in seeking employment, within the community, if that is their goal.The individual directs their career path and are given opportunities to explore many options to ensure the right fit for them.

We work closely with the employers to provide education and support. Employers will benefit from qualified employees and the on-site support from our Job Coach.

For more information please contact our Job Coach, Leslie Blois, at (902) 883-9404.

client services

When seeking information or applying to attend Corridor Community Options, the Client Service Coordinator will support the individual and their personal support network through the referral and/or the admissions process. The Client Service Coordinator helps with the transition to our program and supports the participant and CCOA’s staff team to determine the individual’s program needs. This support  includes goal setting, communication strategies, program support and also collaborates with outside community resources to support the whole person.

The Client Service Coordinator is available to provide tours for those interested in learning more about our program and services. To arrange a tour or inquire about our organization, please contact Linda Coolen at (902) 883-9404.


We provide many recreational opportunities for our participants to enjoy. We celebrate every occasion and facilitate outings that enrich our participants lives and provide opportunities that otherwise may not be available.

A summer student is hired annually to plan, implement and engage the participants in these activities within our local and surrounding communities.