who we are

our mission

To provide residential and vocational environments to individuals living with intellectual disabilities.

our vision

We will be recognized by stakeholders as being successful when:

  • the individuals we serve achieve full acceptance and participation in the community

  • no one in need of our services is turned away

  • we are recognized as a leading service provider

  • we are the employer of choice for people working in this field

  • we have all the human, physical and financial resources needed to accomplish our goals


our goals

 As an organization, we strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop and implement stimulating client-focused services

  • Retain qualified and dedicated human resources to effectively provide our services

  • Build and maintain effective stakeholder relationships

  • Ensure operating practices maximize efficiency and manage risk

our history

Corridor Community Options Society originally started in the mid-1970’s as a service-provider to people living with an intellectual disabilities. We are a registered not for profit, charitable organization that operates under the governance of a Board of Directors.

our board of directors


Our Board of Directors is comprised of people from the community community who are interested in our mission and vision. It consists of people from various backgrounds within East Hants and border communities in Halifax and Colchester Counties of Nova Scotia.

We presently have ten members on the Board.  Eight members are recruited from the community, one member is a Councillor from the Municipality of East Hants, and one is selected by the Association of Community Living (A.C.L.) membership in the East Hants Area.

participant council

Participant Council is an enthusiastic and dedicated group of individuals that meets weekly to discuss issues, problem solve, oversee recreational activities, advocate on behalf of their fellow participants and collaborate with staff and management on topics that affect all participants and staff attending CCOA.